Here at Texas Brush Poppers we are a family owned, owner operated, local business that is known for offering exceptional service.  Jeff spent over 30 years’ working with heavy equipment and in the oil and gas industry before establishing Texas Brush Poppers. We can assure you the highest quality, ethical standards, dependability, and safety for your land projects.

We differentiate our land management mulching, as an ecco-friendly method of land clearing that is environmentally friendly by creating minimal ground disturbance and enriches the soil with the remaining mulch, eliminating the use of unsightly burn piles.

There are inconsistent types of mulching equipment available.  The rendering rate can vary by a considerable amount.  Incorporate that with the level of operator experience and you have a wide variance in level of production. At Texas Brush Poppers we use the most up to date and dynamic equipment available.  Our operators are highly trained and experienced in running these type of machines. This type of land management can be dangerous, so it is imperative to have experienced operators.  We pride ourselves with excelled safety procedures and training with an unparalleled safety record.

For over 30 years we have completed all types of projects across Texas and Southeastern New Mexico including pipelines and pad sites for oil and gas companies, heavy industrial construction, land development and clearing, right-of-way clearing and maintenance.

We provide our customers with various options for environmentally developed land clearing operations.  There is not any job too big or too small.  Texas Brush Poppers is fully insured and bonded and we have the adaptability to handle any project you may have.  Give us a call!