Whether you’re building for yourself or taking on a job, it may be difficult to determine whether or not you need land clearing machines. Also, can you do it yourself or would hiring outside help be easier and more efficient?

Brush Hog

These are the first questions you should ask yourself when deciding to buy or rent. There are quite a few machines out there that are specific to different types of jobs.

Large areas that become overrun can become daunting to tackle. The good news is with the help of land clearing equipment you will find the job much easier. Tree removal, large brush clearage, or even trying to level out an area are all tasks that can become much easier with the right land clearing equipment.

There many other tasks that land clearing equipment is used for besides just clearing out an overrun area or clearing trees. They can be used for projects such as digging a ditch or creating a fire line.

Types of Land Clearing Machines

There are many types of land clearing equipment depending on the job. Let us look at the primary equipment used in land clearing. These types of equipment are most often the ones used by professionals.


This is a machine many of us are familiar with. It isn’t meant to dig deep. It is mostly used for jobs where you want to go just slightly below ground. It can also be used to move and push heavier objects around.

Track Hoe and Backhoes

The track hoe is for deep underground projects. The backhoe is able to do deep below ground and above groundwork, but it does have some limitations.

While it can be versatile for various projects, your range of motion is limited.

Forestry Equipped Skid Steers

Skid steers are CTL (cut to length) machines, This type of equipment would be used for aboveground projects. Skid steers have many attachments that can be changed easily and quickly.

One such attachment is a mulcher. You can take your waste and turn it into usable mulch. This makes the equipment versatile for large projects.

Tree Clearing Attachments

There are many attachments out there to choose from. For tree clearing, a saw attachment and grappling attachment can really save you some time.

Some saw attachments can clear an area flush with the ground. Having the grappling tool makes grabbing the tree and moving it much less labor-intensive.

Mulchers/Mulcher Attachments

When doing large brush removal jobs you are left with all that extra brush. So, what to do with it? Mulching is a great solution and gets your cleanup done much faster.

You can use it for your personal/business use or sell it and make some money back on your project. Being able to repurpose waste from large projects can definitely save you time and money. Who doesn’t want that?

What to Consider Before Buying or Renting

No one wants to spend money on equipment they end up not needing or that is just wrong for the job. Map out your project from beginning to end.

You don’t just see a tree and think “I need to cut it down” without thinking about what to do with the tree after. Or how to refill the hole left behind. Are we removing the stump or leaving it there?

Now you have a plan. You know what your end result should be, and now you have to find the right tools to do the job. Decide if extra laborers are needed or if you want to outsource the job to a professional.

It may look like you will save money by doing the labor manually, however, time is money. It’s important to factor in the hours of labor as well.

Looking at the Benefits

There are so many pros to using land clearing machines on your next project.


Time is precious. How often do we complain about not having time to do fun things in life? How long will it take you to dig that ditch manually? Possibly more than one day. Or you can have it done in just a few hours depending on size.

How much time would be spent taking down and then removing or disposing of that tree? With land clearing equipment you can take down move and mulch a tree all in the same space. Then you are only moving the mulch.

Less Stress

Large projects can be extremely overwhelming without the proper tools needed. Would you try and nail something together without a hammer?

The brute strength of these machines will make everything get done with so much more ease you can relax and enjoy your project.

Protect Surrounding Areas

If you have a project that is sporadic throughout the property or area you are working on you run the risk of damaging areas that don’t need work. You can take a few trees down without compromising surrounding trees and greenery. Once again this saves you on extra time spent having to fix areas that didn’t need fixing.

These are just a few pros of using land clearing equipment. And though there are cons, these cons are more related to personal feelings than what works best. Most of the cons involve the cost to buy or rent machines and knowledge on how to use them.

It is true that these land clearing machines will cost more than a shovel. But, the time it takes to finish the job is also just as important and costly.

Finding the Best Options

Some don’t feel comfortable operating large equipment like land clearing machines. The good news is there are resources out there to help with that.

You can find a number of certifications and courses that will teach you the exact safety measures you need to know.

When in doubt, always turn to the professionals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your next project.