Clearing Land Guide: Professional Large Acreage Land Clearing

Clearing land can go off the rails if you’re not sure of what you’re doing. Read this guide about professional large acreage land clearing.
Right-of-way Land Clearing

Cutting a Path winding through the forest

On average, it takes $1,500 to $3,000 to clear a piece of land in the United States. If you need to remove tree stumps or other items, the number goes up.

Clearing land can be an expensive and engaging affair. Any land clearing project has several moving parts that you ought to keep an eye on for it to succeed. Here is a guide to help you know all you need so that you can clear your land according to plan.

What Does Land Clearing Mean?

Land clearing, which is also known as lot clearing, is when you need to remove debris, tree cover, tree stumps, and other items from the land to ready it for another purpose.

Some of the most common reasons for lot clearing include building construction, improving the property, and land development.

The Equipment Necessary for Clearing Land

One of the main reasons land clearing is a job best left to the professionals is because it calls for various types of equipment. These include:

1. Front Loaders

When you need to move large rocks away from the path the clearing machinery will take, then a front loader is what you need.

2. Brush Hoggers

A brush hogger is a rotary mower that eliminates underbrush, tall grass, and other thick vegetation. To clear large tracts of land with a brush hogger, you need to attach it to a tractor with a three-point hitch and pull it.

3. Big Chains

A large chain is often useful during lot clearing as you can tie it around a big boulder or tree stump and drag the item away with a tractor.

Factors That Can Affect Land Clearing

Several issues can impact land clearing from two perspectives, i.e., the cost and the duration of the job. They include:

1. The Condition the Land Is In

The size of the land you plan to clear has a direct influence on how much you end up paying for the project. Generally speaking, the bigger the parcel of land, the more the entire job will cost you since the effort needed for the task is greater.

When you plan to hire a contractor, if they are worth their salt, they will require a physical assessment of the property before giving you a final quote. In case a contractor does not ask for one, it is in your best interest for you to invite them to tour the property first.

That’s because any underestimation of the scope of work involved can mean them cutting corners.

Aside from land size, the kind of terrain that is on your property will also influence how much you pay and how long it takes. Hilly locations take longer to clear than flat ones since they call for more sophisticated equipment to do the job.

In the same vein, wooded land parcels take a lot more effort, time, and equipment to clear. You will, therefore, pay more for services like underbrush clearing, stump removal, etc.

2. The Debris

Once you clear a piece of land, you create debris that you must dispose of. Seeing that the whole point of such a project is to make the location ready for some other use, it is inevitable that you will have to spend on debris elimination as well.

How you go about this does affect the overall cost.

For example, when you decide to use trucks to ferry the debris from the site to a disposal location, it’ll cost you more. In contrast, if you have the kind of waste that can be burnt on site (think of shrubs and other organic matter), then your costs won’t shoot up as much.

3. Weather Conditions

The climatic conditions in the location you need to clear are another factor that goes into how long the job takes.

During stormy weather, contractors are usually in high demand to clear land. As a result, their service costs tend to shoot up to match this demand.

But what if, after you decide to hire a land clearing contractor during good weather, the conditions change? Most contractors will either ask you to pay more or allow them to wait out the bad weather.

Therefore, whenever you plan to clear land, you ought to give yourself some room with the timing. In case the weather does adversely impact the job, you can have the space to address that without breaching your deadline.

4. Local Regulations

In some local jurisdictions, you will be required to obtain licenses before you begin the work. Such permits add to your expenses, and if they are slow to procure, it mean that you take more time before you can start clearing the land.

In other areas, there may be environmentally-oriented requirements that impact your costs and timing.

For example, you may be expected to develop grass cover before clearing the land if there are waterways present. The regulation is to ensure that no sediment accumulates along the waterways.

Such regulations mean more time and money before you can begin the process of land clearing.

Questions to Ask a Land Clearing Subcontractor Before Hiring Them

While you do need professionals to help you clear your land, you need to be careful with who you hire. Bringing on board incompetent or outright fraudulent contractors can be a painful experience.

Let’s look at some questions to ask before signing any contract with a professional:

What Are Your Prices?

A good number of land clearing professionals bill per the square footage of land they clear. Such an arrangement is better than an open contract that relies on the number of hours a contractor will spend on the job.

Do You Fill the Holes Left After Removing Stumps?

Any holes created by removing tree stumps and other large objects can be a safety hazard for people on location. As such, you need to find out what the contractor plans to do about such holes.

If grading the land is not part of their land clearing service package, you can discuss how they can take care of it.

Clear Your Land Successfully

Several things go into clearing land, and you ought to keep an eye on them if you’re to succeed. Make sure you hire the right contractor and have visibility into all the factors that can impact the project, to prepare well for unexpected developments.

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